1. Be Ready for Summer with our No Mosquito products!

    Just in time for summer! Our No Mosquito Sprays & Candles are on sale in June. Check them out here.

    We use both lemongrass and citronella oils as the main ingredients for our No Mosquito Candle and No Mosquito Spray.

    Lemongrass grows in abundance in Jamaica and is indigenous to the island. Jamaicans have long revered the power of lemongrass as a powerful herb for healing. Along with being an effective insect repellent, lemongrass boosts the immune system, reduces fever, eases stomach pain, cures colds and flus, and relieves depression.

    Citronella, like lemongrass, is a known insect repellent as well, and also has a variety of health benefits, including its ability to help alleviate migraines, stomach pains, menstrual cramps and respiratory issues.

    Our No Mosquito products are perfect for keeping bites away during this warm season. THEY WORK ~ 100%! Try them today!

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  2. Celebrating Our Coconut Candles

    Apr 20, 2017 11:08:11 PM

    This month our Coconut Candles are on SALE! (Click HERE to check it out!).

    Aside from being absolutely stunning and smelling superbly divine, the most amazing thing about these candles are that they are made with 100% real, authentic coconut shells, sourced locally in Jamaica.

    That may not seem to be a big deal, but it IS. Here's why....

    1. It's a way of doing business that's better for the PLANET.

    It's difficult to get away from the standard production practices that depend on manufacturing plastic and metals, which is typically laden with processes that add to pollution. By recycling natural materials such as coconut shells, we are able to decrease our dependency on heavy manufacturing and nonbiodegradable materials. Ultimately, our Coconut Candles represent a move towards decreasing our company's environmental footprint.

    2. We support our LOCAL economy.

    These coconut shells are sourced from local tradesmen. By buying coconut shells, we are adding to the livelihoods of their families and communities.

    3. It's authentically Jamaican.

    Using real coconut shells from Jamaica to make our Coconut Candles helps us bring a genuine island spirit to our customers all over the world. We believe that using authentic raw materials transmits the energy of Jamaica, not matter where the candle may be.

    Check out our Coconut Candles HERE!

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    As a Rastafarian, Bob Marley believed in the power of wellness. He was dedicated to eating healthy food, exercising and overall self-care. This focus on wellness is at the core of everything we do at Starfish Oils. We make products that enhance health by alleviating stress; we infuse our products with healing herbs; and we provide all-natural alternatives to products such as soaps.

    2. PEACE
    Bob Marley preached peace for all and encouraged the individual to find inner peace. At Starfish, we create products such as our candles and essential oil blends specifically with the goal of igniting inner peace. We're dedicated to spreading peace far and wide!


    Through uplifting music, Bob Marley also spread joyfulness and the celebration of life. Our method may be different, but in our own way we are borrowing from Marley’s mission to bring joy to our people’s lives, making each of our products a token of celebratory indulgence.

    Our MYSTIC VIBES CANDLES were created as a special ode to Marley! Click the images below to check them out!

    16oz Mystic Vibez Travel Candle - $15

    16oz Mystic Vibez Travel Candle

    6oz Mystic Vibes - The Original (Set of 2) - $23

    6oz Original Mystic Vibes Candle (Set of 2)

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  4. The Business of Giving Back This Christmas

    The Business of Giving Back This Christmas

    Published on

    DECEMBER 19, 2016

    At Starfish Oils, we believe that even for businesses, big and small, the Holidays should be a time for giving. This Christmas we are giving special gift packages to the children at the SOS Children’s Village in Kingston.

    The SOS Children’s Village is a private, non-profit organisation that provides orphaned and abandoned children a home, with the goal of preparing them to be independent, productive adults. We will be providing gifts to the children at SOS Stony Hill, where approximately 130 currently reside.

    If your business wants to give back this Christmas, but you’re not sure how, here are three quick tips to help you get started.

    Tip # 1: Choose from your heart

    When selecting a cause, whether at Christmas or throughout the year, choose something that your team is passionate about. For us at Starfish, we believe that the future of Jamaica depends on the state of our children. We chose SOS Children’s Village to help lift the spirits and lives of disadvantaged children who may otherwise go unrecognised. We hope that our small act of kindness may touch even one child, and believe that it is the impact of many small acts of kindness that change these children’s lives for the better. When your business chooses a cause or project that resonates with its team members, your staff will be motivated to realize the goals.

    Tip # 2: Be useful

    Give something that’s thoughtful and useful. This Christmas our gift packages for the SOS Children’s Village will include our natural soaps and bath salts.

    Of course, everyone needs soaps… but we’re proud to be able to supply the children with soaps made of the best, non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. Infused with pure lavender oil, these soaps will help improve skin conditions the children may have, relieve stress, and ward off infections.

    Our bath salts, which are are infused with peppermint oil, will give the children an extra bit of pampering this Holiday season. The aroma from the pure peppermint oil can help relieve some respiratory discomforts, headaches and nausea, and can stimulate the mind. These bath salts will also help alleviate pain, stress and swelling in the feet, and will reduce effects of any fungal infections of the nails. We’ll instruct the children on how to soak their feet in our bath salts and teach them why using these products will benefit them.

    Tip # 3: Extend your giving beyond the Holidays

    Since Christmas is a time for giving and spreading love, many organisations and persons in need often receive special attention over the Holidays. However, throughout the rest of the year their needs remain the same and they are sometimes forgotten. Once your team finds a cause it feels happy to support, find a way to provide assistance throughout the entire year. This can even be a small monthly contribution to an organisation, or you may take a more involved approach. When a company develops a culture of caring for the community at large and invests in social good, its team morale increases, which, in our opinion, boosts productivity. Businesses that invest in the community help create an ecosystem for social and economic development, which in turn creates an environment where their businesses will continue to thrive. At Starfish, we lend to various causes throughout the year and will be developing a recruitment strategy that provides employment opportunities for young people, particularly those considered to be at risk.

    Whatever your business chooses to do this Christmas, we encourage you to find something, anything, to help build up our wonderful country and its beautiful people. Imagine the BIG good we could do if we all invest in small acts of kindness regularly.


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  5. Starfish Oils featured on!

    The Starfish Oils Success Story

    Published on

    OCTOBER 31, 2016

    Natural health is a part of Jamaica’s culture, with many of us relying on all-natural remedies to protect against disease and stimulate healing.

    It’s no wonder that during the Zika Virus outbreak, Jamaicans flocked to all-natural solutions to protect themselves against the dreaded mosquito bite. One such solution is the use of natural insect repellents that contain pure essential oils, such as lemongrass, citronella and lemon eucalyptus oils.

    Studies show that these essential oils are effective, non-toxic alternatives to DEET, the chemical most commonly used in popular mosquito repellents. DEET has been found to be harmful if ingested, and can have negative effects on the central nervous system.

    According to the Center of Disease Control, a US-based governmental body, the use of lemon eucalyptus oil, in properly formulated mosquito repellent products, has been tested and proven effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay.

    Most recently, with the surge in mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, many Jamaicans have gone back to their roots, opting to use lemongrass oil and other natural products containing the oil, as their go-to insect repellent.


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  6. Get Your FREE Fresh Lite Candle! Special Giveaway

    We are giving away a FREE Fresh Lite Candle with all ONLINE orders over US$50!

    HURRY and GET YOURS TODAY! This giveaway special will be available only while stocks lasts or will end by November 30th.

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  7. ​Stimulate Your Senses And Decorate Your Life

    You can have a quality Caribbean experience through our natural products. Since 1996 Starfish Oils fragrance has been giving the world natural aromatherapy to pamper and nourish the soul.

    Since 1996, we have been operating in Jamaica just doors away from Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong recording studios. Our team of fine Jamaican craftsmen and women put our culture, our flair and that intangible spirit into every item.

    Our soaps, candles and oils have been featured in the pages of Bon Appetite, Caribbean Travel & Life, Mademoiselle, Natural Living and Organic Times. They make beautiful gifts for every occasion.

    Look for Starfish products throughout the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, the UK and many other places in the world. We have three concept stores: Historic Devon House, Manor Park Shopping Centre and the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

    Starfish evokes the true spirit of the Caribbean... wherever in the world you may be.

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